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Every image and expedition has a story. Some stories are funny and some can be very serious. These experiences have shaped the person I am today. Since I often hike alone, a lot of the challenges and experiences in the field I have I experience alone. You often want to say "did you see that" or simply "WOW'. Some experiences have changed the way I look at photography and life and have made me internally strong. I am often amazed at times with the level of adaptability I am capable of especially in cold climate shooting. Some stories along the way are worth sharing with others but it is not always easy to put you in that moment. Here are some of the images that document those moments. I hope these stories can place you there as the viewer or even as a fellow photographer.

How did Ororo Heated Apparel perform
January 14, 2024  |  Caddo Lake

How did my Ororo jacket hold up on Caddo Lake? This jacket is now my favorite jacket for cold wind!! Starting off in the morning temps were around 20 degrees out on the water. Leaving out on a boat in the dark across Caddo Lake on a frigid fall morning is very cold and windy...