How did Ororo Heated Apparel perform

January 14, 2024  |  Caddo Lake

How did my Ororo jacket hold up on Caddo Lake? This jacket is now my favorite jacket for cold wind!! Starting off in the morning temps were around 20 degrees out on the water. Leaving out on a boat in the dark across Caddo Lake on a frigid fall morning is very cold and windy. This jacket is sold with 1 battery but having a back up battery is not a bad idea depending on how long you are out in cold weather. I packed 1 back up battery for this coat and had to use it. This is a substantial coat but it is very light weight and easy to work in.

Wrapping up the end of a successful 4 day shoot on Caddo Lake. This was my first time shooting on Caddo and things went very smooth. The first day out I think the entire thing is a lot to take in so the first hour out you need to make some choices on best lens and composition. It can be a challenge shooting from a moving boat  in low light in the early day with the cold wind whipping around. So a little bit of a slow start but then things picked up and all started to come together. Day 2 I now knew what to expect so that was a much better start.  I realize some folks wade in the water to be able to manage a more steady shot but this Carolina girl in not wading in gator country lol. A special thanks to my very nice boat Captain, Captain Rich. Rich was able to listen carefully to what I was there to photograph and did not waste time in areas that did not meet the content I was searching for. I can also recommend "The Carriage House" bed and breakfast as a place to stay in Jefferson, sweet folks there with the best breakfast I have ever had! Great trip all the way around and the images turned out beautiful.  - L