It is hard to imagine not having a gallery dedicated specifically to Yellowstone National Park. Laurie has traveled all over the world and has photographed many unique places that most will never see, but in her eyes Yellowstone surpasses all other locations. Laurie fell in love with Yellowstone many years ago and continues to photograph it every year, during the harshest time in winter. Her dedication to capturing Yellowstone at its most extremes delivered pictures that remain her favorites. Laurie says that, "there is something more to this magical place than I can ever explain. I'm moved by Yellowstone in a way no other place has ever moved me. When I'm there I never capture the same image twice, and every year brings something totally different. I learn more each year about the climate, wildlife, migration patterns and animal behaviors, geothermal reactions, and different ways to capture Yellowstone at its most extreme and beautiful. Yellowstone hasn't been a once and done for me. I keep going back and I cannot let it go. I have very specific places within Yellowstone that move my soul, and which cause me to turn around and take one last look before I leave for fear I will never see it again."