About Laurie R. Martin

Thank you for viewing my website dedicated to modern landscape photography. My
photography is shaped by my background in painting and the visual arts. My landscapes blend
the artistic touches of both classical painting and landscaping photography with a modern feel.
When I photograph, I seek to capture the natural, raw beauty of the scene and create original
compositions that fill a wall and bring the viewer into the moment and place. I frame and
process my work with an eye toward images that will be displayed in a more modern format.
I shoot across the world but gravitate toward winter scenes shot in extremely cold climates, and
my passion for shooting there is an addiction. Cold weather shooting brings different challenges,
and even with careful planning, you still cannot control Mother Nature. Before I can process and
post a beautiful image there are a multitude of obstacles to overcome, ranging from extremely
cold temperatures, storms, dangerous terrain, punishing altitudes, frost bite, wild animals,
malfunctioning gear, frozen tripods, and wet clothes. These challenges have been worth it, and
some of my most beautiful images come with an awesome story.
I am always planning my next shoot. There are many more extreme destinations on my bucket
list, and I know that the next location will benefit from new technology and techniques. Staying
in front of rapidly-changing technology, with new gear, cameras, lenses, and post-processing
education, allows me to grow as an artist and capture scenes like no one else.
There are many great landscape photographers but very few of them are females. A woman’s eye
in rough terrain brings a different perspective, and my hope is that we can extend this amazing
art form to more women.
Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have regarding my photography. I
teach in the field and believe in sharing knowledge to advance the art of landscape photography.
My teaching embraces principles of conservation and respect for the environment that I explore.
I believe in the “leave no trace” concept, which I actively promote and practice.

Please visit my blog for photography gear reviews and news about my expeditions. The blog will also have information sharing my upcoming teaching seminars and workshops. I am available for promotional speaking events and enjoy helping others learn. For information on speaking events, brand representation and brand field testing, please email me through the contacts tab found on this website.

Thank You for stopping by,

​Laurie R. Martin